Lodge Thistle 127 was granted its Charter on 20th May 1771 and much of its history has been understandably lost, or has never been recorded.
In 1993, following extensive research, Bro. Archibald Chalmers, P.M. published a document entitled 'Historical Notes on Lodge Thistle No. 127 (Stewarton)'. The information in this section is taken from that document and reproduced with the kind permission of Bro. Archibald.


Sometime, around the beginning of the 1800's, the brethren of the Lodge formed themselves into a "Friendly Society" and as such were able to lend money to the members of the Lodge at a reasonable interest rate. As often happens where money is concerned, those involved can meet up with unexpected difficulties. When this situation arises arrangements are made for extended time limits for the money to be repaid, and at the worst legal action is taken to recover the amount owed.

One such loan did not work out for a Brother who borrowed the sum of £95 from the Lodge in 1818. A Bond was drawn up and this became the legal means of controlling the loan and the repayments. The Brother was called Alexander Ferguson, a shoemaker in the town. The Bond was signed, on behalf of the Lodge by Bro. William Deans, Master and Bro. John Skeoch, spindlemaker, who was the Treasurer of the Lodge.

By 1825 it seems that Bro. Ferguson was in financial difficulties and unable to repay his debt to the Lodge. So serious must have been the situation that he felt that there was no alternative but to offer his house as settlement of the money owed. The Lodge agreed to accept this offer and the house, being valued at £100, was considered adequate recompense for the money due plus interest. So in December 1825 the Title Deeds for the house show that the "Managers of the Stewarton Thistle Lodge" became the owners of a house in 'Cocklebierig'. This property is now known as No.9 Rigg Street. The Brethren of the Lodge retained the property until 1833, when it was sold to a Mr. Alexander Watt for the sum of £73. The Title Deeds of the house, at the time of the sale, are signed by Bro. James Gillies, Mason, Right Worshipful Master of the Saint John's Thistle Lodge of Free Masons in Stewarton, and Bro. John Skeoch, Treasurer of the Lodge.

This very interesting information was given to me by the last owners of the house and is a very important part of the Lodge history. Regretfully, the house was demolished in November 1991 to make way for a new shopping centre.
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