Lodge Thistle 127 was granted its Charter on 20th May 1771 and much of its history has been understandably lost, or has never been recorded.
In 1993, following extensive research, Bro. Archibald Chalmers, P.M. published a document entitled 'Historical Notes on Lodge Thistle No. 127 (Stewarton)'. The information in this section is taken from that document and reproduced with the kind permission of Bro. Archibald.



One of the greatest Public Demonstrations which have taken place in the Town of Stewarton must be that of when the Freemasons Laid the Foundation Stone of the Railway Viaduct over the River Annick on Monday 3rd August, 1868.

On the said day Brother Colonel William Mure of Caldwell, R.W.M. of Lodge Mother Kilwinning and as such 'ipso facto' the Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire, had the honour of conducting the ceremonial assisted by the Master and Brethren of Lodge Thistle No. 127 as well as the Magistrates of the newly formed Burgh of Stewarton.

The newspaper reports of that time inform us that the weather conditions were ideal for the occasion, warm and sunny with clear blue skies. The day having been declared a Public Holiday for the whole Town.

The stone, which is properly called a memorial stone since it was put in place in the almost completed structure, was hewen by a Brother John Cunningham who was employed by Mr. MacNaughton the Construction Manager.

The R.W.M. of the day was Bro. John Paton, and the Chief Magistrate was Baillie Brown, (a Past Master of Lodge Thistle).

After the Ceremonial the Provincial Grand Lodge returned to the Masonic Hall in Avenue Street where they closed the proceedings pertaining to the Masonic Craft.

In the evening a large company sat down to dinner in a tent erected in the New Station Grounds, P.G.M. Bro. Mure occupying the Chair.

The Lodge has in its possession a large (6ft x 8ft) silk banner with two pillars; square and compasses; thistles; and Thistle 127 Stewarton painted on either side. The date is unknown, but it looks old enough to have been carried at the Lainshaw Viaduct ceremony.

I have searched on numerous ocassions to find the Stone but have been unsuccessful. Perhaps you might know where it is?