Lodge Thistle 127 was granted its Charter on 20th May 1771 and much of its history has been understandably lost, or has never been recorded.
In 1993, following extensive research, Bro. Archibald Chalmers, P.M. published a document entitled 'Historical Notes on Lodge Thistle No. 127 (Stewarton)'. The information in this section is taken from that document and reproduced with the kind permission of Bro. Archibald.


It is not known where the Brethren of the Lodge met in 1771, but no doubt they would have met in an Inn or Public House like most other Lodges at that time. There were not many Lodges which could afford premises of their own, indeed most Lodge Temples in Ayrshire at the present time were built within the last 100 years.

Lodge Thistle was very fortunate that in April 1824 they were able to Lay the Foundation Stone of their "New Temple". This information is found recorded in the Minute Books of both Lodge Beith St. John's (Kilw) No.157 and Lodge St. John (Kilw) Kilmarnock No.22 of that date. I am uncertain of the whereabouts of this property but it is believed to have been in Avenue Street. (Perhaps further search in the future will confirm this.)

Other places where the Brethren met, sometimes once, other times frequently, were:-
The Commercial Inn
The Buckshead Hall
Mr. Kerr's Hall
The Alma Hall
and The Railway Hotel

The Lodge held their meetings in the Railway Hotel from 1873 until the early 1900's when they moved to the Lesser Institute Hall. The Brethren met there until 1934 when The Fever Hospital, owned by Bro. Dr. John Cuuningham P.M., was Consecrated by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire on Saturday 7th July. This building proved to be ideal for the Lodge and it was thought that in due time the Lodge would become the owners of the property. Unfortunately they lost out in their attempt to purchase the premises and reluctantly had to vacate them in 1951. Meetings were then held once again in the Institute Hall, as well as the Drill Hall, the Temperance Hall and even one held in the Temple of Lodge St. Maurs No. 1398 (5th Sept. 1961). The Lodge successfully bid for the Temperance Hall in 1963 and remain there to the present day.