Lodge Thistle 127 was granted its Charter on 20th May 1771 and much of its history has been understandably lost, or has never been recorded.
In 1993, following extensive research, Bro. Archibald Chalmers, P.M. published a document entitled 'Historical Notes on Lodge Thistle No. 127 (Stewarton)'. The information in this section is taken from that document and reproduced with the kind permission of Bro. Archibald.

Lodge Thistle No.127

My Mother Lodge thou art so dear
Masonic Light I first saw here
It's Mystic secrets, to me given
Dear Brethren -- of One Two Seven,

What joyful hours herein are mine
With Brotherhood so sweet divine
All evil thoughts are rent and riven
Dear Brethren -- of One Two Seven.

Each emblem set before my eyes
Is purity, without disguise
All wickedness is backwards driven
A loyal hearts of One Two Seven.

Let all the goodness each one hears
Accompany us to outer spheres
And from the Temple spread the abroad
The works and wonders of our God.

Here wealth and rank fade out of sight
Before that pure Masonic Light
So Mote It Be, until in Heaven
Are gathered all of One Two Seven.

by Brother John Haining, 127.