Brother Allistair Gilles’s funeral will take place at Holmsford Bridge at 1.00pm on the 21st of March.

This will be a humanist service and no regalia to be worn



It is with a great deal of sadness that we inform you of the passing to the Grand Lodge above of brother

Alistair Gilles who passed away at home on Saturday 3rd March. Details of his funeral will be posted when available.


Some photos of visit to Grand Lodge 01/02/20018

Br. Ian Hamilton, Br, Stewart Thomson and Br. Archie Chalmers

Two ‘Straight out the box PGMs  Billy Steel (Ayrshire) and Tom Woods (Kilwinning)








13th January Annual Installation

Bro Ian Broadhurst IPM and bro. Elijah Beattie PM carried out the installation of office bearers to very high degree as per the list below.

Office Bearers 2017 - 2018


Right Worshipful Master                     Bro . Rodderick McLean

Immediate Past Master                         Bro. Ian Broadhurst

Depute Master                                        Bro. Jim Shields P.M.

Substitiute Master                                 Bro. Robert Maxwell

Secretary                                                 Bro. Alan Whitehill

Treasurer                                                 Bro. Alistair Murray

Worshipful Senior Warden                  Bro. Ian Hamilton

Worshipful Junior Warden                  Bro. Rod Murray

Senior Deacon                                        Bro. Angus MacDonald

Junior Deacon                                        Bro. Scott Cooley

Inner Guard                                            Bro. William Logan

Chaplain                                                  Bro. Elijah Beattie P.M.

Bible Bearer                                           Bro. Ian Murdoch Smith

Sword Bearer                                         Bro. James B Smith

Organist                                                   Bro. Tomas Sloan P.M.

Marshall                                                  Bro. John Anderson P.M..

Architect                                                 Bro. Archibald Chalmers P.M.

Jeweller                                                   Bro. Alistair MacMillan

Senior Steward                                       Bro. James Thomson

Junior Steward                                       Bro. Alexander Robertson

Junior Steward                                       Bro. James Bryce

Director of Ceremonies                        Bro. James Blades P.M.

Tyler                                                        vacant

Piper                                                        Bro. Robert Rosbotham P.M.

Almoner                                                  vacant

Bard                                                         Bro. Maxwell Galt


Below are some photos of the Installation and Special meeting :


Minutes of “Special Meeting” held on Tuesday 9th January 2018.

Held at the Masonic Lodge, Springwell Place, Stewarton.


Tonight’s meeting is a presentation of 2 off 50 year Diplomas and 1 off 60 year Diploma being bestowed on PM Elijah Beattie and PM James Blades and Brother Maxwell Galt respectively.

Tonight also coincides with the last meeting after 3 years “on the chair” of our RWM Ian Broadhurst.

The meeting was opened at 7.30pm prompt by RWM Ian Broadhurst.

RWM welcomed along all the visitors (of which there were many) and asked all reigning  past and RWM elect to assist him in the East.

At this stage RWM Ian advised all in attendance that tonight was a Special meeting and would only be a Business meeting without the need for the normal formalities of previous minutes being read aloud etc.

However there would be an Exemplification of the EA Degree being carried out on a “young” substitute candidate Brother Maxwell Galt.



PM Robert Rosbotham

PM James Shields

BB Ian Smith


Alan Whitehill Sec. read aloud a letter of resignation from Brother Almoner John Gamble. John has not been keeping the best of health himself lately and feels that he cannot continue in his position as Almoner any further.

John will be sorely missed in his very active position but we wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see his cheery face among us again very soon.


A card was read aloud which was sent in to 127 in anticipation of tonight’s presentations from Adam Cunningham wishing everyone of the 3 recipients the best of luck for this evening.

At this stage Jim Blades PM retired from the  Lodge To take care of his special duties for this evening and on returning, was accompanied by a Large and Distinguished deputation from The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire, headed on this occasion by RWPGM Robert Little.

RWM Ian Broadhust invited all the Provincial members to assist him in the East where the Mallet was offered to RWPGM Robert Little. This was returned as 127 had business to attend to this evening as well as carrying out an EA Degree.


The Deacons left the room to prepare the “Young” candidate Maxwell Galt for his Exemplification of the EA Degree at his request, as it was over 60 years since his previous 1st. and he felt that tonight would be a fitting time to revisit.

The Degree team consisted of RWM Ian Broadhurst, PM James Blades, WSW Roddy McLean, WJW Ian Hamilton and Past Master Archie Chalmers who carried out the Working Tools at short notice.

The Degree was excellent and wages were paid to all who participated.


Brother Maxwell Galt was approached by James Blades PM and led to the edge of the carpet, where he was me by RWPGM Robert Little and was led round the carpet and reminded of the dates that he joined 127 going back 60 years to 18th February 1958 (in those days it was the Stewarton Drill Hall that 127 met in, not the current Lodge in Springwell Place).

Robert Little presented Maxwell with His 60 year Certificate as well as a 60 year “pin” from the PGLA and also a 60 year medal to be worn at all further meetings, which was a gift from the Brethren of 127.

Maxwell was congratulated by both his grandsons Neil Maxwell MacDonald 1398 and Stuart Lindsay MacDonald 1398, in what was an emotional scene.

At this stage Archie Chalmers PM  brought both Elijah Beattie PM and James Blades PM to the edge of the carpet to be presented with their “well earned” 50 year Diplomas by RWPGM Robert Little.

After some discussion on who was first in the lodge on the 6th February 1968 (therefor making them the senior) it was decided that they both joined on the same day at the same time and were therefor equal in length of service.

Robert Little reminded the Brethren of the service and dedication that these two “Stalwarts” of 127 had given to their mother lodge over the past 50 years, including both having served as Secretary and both served as DOC and many other position as and when the Lodge required them.

Elijah  also having spent a good number of years upto and including this day within the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire.

These are two very special members of 127 and Freemasonry in general and all members are very proud of what they have achieved and contributed over the past 50 years.

They were both presented with their 50 year certificate and pin from Robert Little as well as a 50 year jewel from the brethren of 127.

James Blades PM replied on behalf of himself and Elijah and couldn’t believe how quickly the years had gone by and thanked everyone for their support and kind wishes.

RWM Ian Broadhurst thanked the 3 gentlemen for all the support he had received over the years and that he couldn’t think of a more fitting way to end his 3 years as master of 127 than by being able to present these Diplomas and Jewels to Maxi, Elijah and Jim.

The meeting was closed and provincial retired for Photographs to be taken.

Roddy McLean WSW thanked RWM Ian for his tenure in the chair and hoped that he will be half as good when he takes up the reigns in a weeks’ time.

Alan Whitehill thanked the RWM for allowing him to be involved in Brother Maxwell’s degree tonight as it was a personal pleasure for him.

Brother Alan Foot welcomed Brother Maxwell to the very small but exclusive “60” CLUB  of 127.

The next meeting is on Saturday 13th at 2pm for our installation.