We held our race night on Saturday 20th April

The turnout was terrific, the raffle was excellent and thanks go to all who gave prizes and bought tickets.

We had a 1st class buffet, thanks again to all who contributed.

The final profit on the night was just over £1000.

Results follow;

Race no.               winner                  race sponsor      horse sponsor

1                              3 Degree’s          L Pollock              A Higging

                                                                A Murray             Ruby Turner

                                                                Gary Dickson      Elspith Dickson

A.Robertson      Emily Robertson

2                              Luvy Dovy           B. Mitchell           B Mitchell

                                                                J Blades                D Sim    

A.Whitehill          Ruby Crawford

3                              Greenery            Al Higgins             Charlie

                                                                J Gamble             Derek

                                                                R Goligher           Emma Paterson

                                                                JB Smith               A Smith

4                              Galician A Mitchell            Mary Mitchell

                                                                Elijah                     Maureen

                                                                I Hamilton           Max

                                                                I Cook                   B Boyd

5                              Burk&Hare          R Myles Mari Myles

                                                                Max                       Max

                                                                G McPhail            Maureen McPhail

6                              Star of East         Angus                   Janet Snr.

                                                                A Chalmers         Rachel Chalmers

                                                                Brendan               Sam

7                              Paper Tissue       Jim Shields          Billy

                                                                W Logan               W Logan

                                                                R Maxwell           R Maxwell

8                              Noble Art                                             Mary Mitchell

This was an auctioned race and the winner received £150.                                                            



On Tuesday 9th April we had a joint meeting with the Royal Arch to present cheques to our nominated charities.

Below are some photographs.